Human-related scientific research (BROK / GCP-WMO / non-WMO)

About this course
This e-learning introduces you to the Radboudumc policies that every staff member should be aware of when involved in human-related scientific research.

*Please note that this e-learning is also available in Dutch and Dutch for external students outside Radboudumc.

For whom
Employees who are involved in human-related scientific research (both subject to the WMO and not subject to the WMO).

Obligatory part of the BROK course
This e-learning is the official Center Specific Meeting (CSB) of the Radboudumc that needs to be followed as part of the BROK course. It is recommended to first complete the compulsory modules of the BROK course or to complete the WMO-GCP course before starting with this e-learning. However, this e-learning can also be followed without a BROK or GCP-WMO certificate.

This is what you learn
• basic knowledge about quality assurance of human-related scientific research in Radboudumc (Integral Quality System (IQS));
• the local procedures regarding research that is subject to the WMO and research that is not subject to the WMO;
• which supporting departments are involved in scientific research and how you can approach them;
• who you can turn to when you encounter an ethical dilemma;
• where you can go to with questions about your research.

Going through the e-learning takes about two hours.

Terms and conditions
The General Terms and Conditions Online of the Learning Environment apply to all our courses.

Do you want to know more?
BROK Radboudumc | Clinical Research Policies


  1. video


    Word of welcome from Jan Smit (dean / vice-chairman of the Board of Directors)

  2. artikel


    Mandatory for everyone

  3. artikel

    How do you complete this e-learning?

    Mandatory for everyone

  4. artikel

    Integral Quality System for human-related scientific research (IQS)

    Mandatory for everyone

  5. artikel

    Data management

    Mandatory, but make your own choice: only read the summary or read the in-depth information

  6. artikel

    Quality assurance by means of monitoring, auditing and DSMB

    Only mandatoy if you are involved in research that is subject to the WMO

  7. artikel

    Research not subject to the WMO (non-WMO)

    Mandatory, but make your own choice: only read the summary or read the in-depth information

  8. artikel

    Agreements, grants and project administration

    Mandatory for everyone, in-depth information is optional

  9. artikel

    Information security and privacy

    Mandatory for everyone, in-depth information is optional

  10. artikel

    Ethics and Integrity

    Mandatory for everyone

  11. artikel

    IQS helpdesk, support and training

    Mandatory for everyone

  12. artikel

    BROK exam (+ tips!) and re-certification (setting a reminder)

    Only required when you are going to take a BROK exam or when you are BROK certified

  13. e-learning

    Radboudumc specific e-learning for human-related scientific research (BROK / GCP-WMO / non-WMO)

    Test your knowledge about conducting human-related scientific research at Radboudumc. You successfully complete the e-learning when you answer at least 6 out of 10 questions correctly. Please note! This test is part of the e-learning for scientific human-related research (BROK / GCP-WMO / non-WMO). Make sure you first complete the e-learning before you start this test! Do you have 3 minutes left for an evaluation? In an effort to continously improve the e-learning, would you please fill in this evaluation form? Minimum grade to complete this quiz: 6