Infection prevention in oral health care

About this course
In this course your knowledge of hygienic safety measures in oral health care will be assessed. When you have answered all questions correctly, you are ready to apply your knowledge in practical situations.
In a range of situations you will be asked to adequately notice if and when something goes wrong. Incidents and near-incidents have to be reported using Qdim.

Aimed at
This course is mandatory for all clinically involved employees and students from the Dentistry and Oral Health Care Departments.

You will learn
By passing this test you demonstrate that you are able to recognize risks regarding contamination and infection and that you know how to prevent risks by applying the right infection prevention measures.

Time schedule
The assessment will take 20 to 30 minutes.

Terms and conditions
Course fees will be taken care of by the departments.
The General Terms and Conditions Online of the Learning Environment apply to all our courses.

More information?
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    Infection prevention in oral health care